Maija Anttila (1988) is a Finnish musician based in Amsterdam. With clarinet/bass clarinet and live-electronics as her tools, she is dedicated to performing music of our time. Maija collaborates with composers all over the world playing numerous premiers of solo-, chamber music - as well as orchestral works. In the meantime she is active in the fields of free improvisation and progressive punk. Alongside her solo projects Maija performs with Tampering Ensemble, Trio Trecolor and Barmy FiveseveN. Maija has obtained her Bachelor’s degree in music both in Finland (Tampere Music Academy 2015) and Netherlands (Conservatorium van Amsterdam 2018). Finnish Cultural Foundation, Finnish Music Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland and The Society of Finnish Composers have supported Maija in her studies, commissions and artistic working.






In her solo project Maija combines music written for bass clarinet and live electronics to improvised music, building an organic sound flow and exploring the grey zone between composition and improvisation. Maija has played solo concerts in Finland, Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal. Maija has commissioned new music for her solo project from composers Roope Mäenpää, Igor C Silva, Dennis Matos, Niilo Tarnanen, Lauri Supponen and Matilda Seppälä.


Alongside the commissioned works, Maija has more music for bass clarinet and live electronics in her active repertoire. One to be mentioned is SOLO (1966) for any melody instrument and feedback by Karlheinz Stockhausen. In 2017-2018 Maija made her own version of Stockhausen’s SOLO together with music technologist Katri Antikainen. In their version the original tape recording system was replaced by a fully automated Ableton Live looper.

In her improvisation, Maija is using interactive live-electronic tools that she has built herself in Max/MSP.

Igor C Silva: Blindspot Box (2018) in Youtube!

(c) Katri Antikainen


Tampering Ensemble is a 17 member new music ensemble, founded by Tampere-based new music association Tampering ry. The members of Tampering Ensemble share a strong ambition to performing new compositions with high quality. Tampering Ensemble was founded to make more new music heard in Tampere music scene, to provide the composers of Tampering ry a permanent group of musicians to perform their music and to give its musicians a chance to perform a great variety of compositions from classical contemporary music to premieres of new experimental works.

(c) Cecilia Damström


Trio Trecolor is formed by pianist Marjukka Eskelinen, clarinetist Maija Anttila and violinist Lotta Harju, and performs the most beautiful chamber music classics as well as new Finnish chamber music. The members of Trio Trecolor studied together in Tampere Music Academy and have performed together in i.a. Tampere, Haapavesi, Haapajärvi an Oulu. In 2020 Trio Trecolor will play a premiere of a new chamber music piece that they have commissioned from composer Sanna Ahvenjärvi.


Barmy FiveseveN is a 6 to 13 member progressive punk (pronk) band playing music from Tim Smith and Cardiacs, arranged by Jos Zwaanenburg and Rita Kárpáti. After having heard their recordings, Tim Smith gave them a never before played composition of his, “Pod, my my, look my pod”, that had its premiere on Gaudeamus Muziekweek 2018. Two of Barmy FiveseveNs recordings were published in The Whole World Window II compilation album.

In 2019 Barmy FiveseveN prepares with a new line up their original music composed by Ritá Kárpáti. 

Barmy FiveseveN on Youtube!

(c) Ronald Verhoeven



Ung Nordisk Musik 2020 Festival, Tampere - Tampering Ensemble


Ung Nordisk Musik 2020 Festival, Tampere - Tampering Ensemble


Ung Nordisk Musik 2020 Festival, Tampere - Riikka Talvitie: Heinä


Haapavesi, Finland - Trio Trecolor


Haapajärvi, Finland - Trio Trecolor



WEW! -festivaali, Turku - Dennis Matos: I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream



MLE Block Concert, ZID Theater, Amsterdam - Duo improvisation with Rita Kárpáti


Max User Meetup NL, Utrecht - Presentation: "Bass clarinet and live electronics"


De Mus, Torpedo Theater, Amsterdam - Solo improvisation


Conservatorium van Amsterdam - Master research presentation: "Improvisation with interactive electronics"



Telakka Jazz, Telakka, Tampere - Inari Ruonamaa Ensemble


MLE Block Concert, Theaterzaal/Conservatorium van Amsterdam - Premiere of a new solo piece “I have no mouth but I must scream” commissioned from Dennis Matos


MLE Block Concert, Amsterdam Blue Note


Cercle du Laveu, Liège (Belgium) - Solo


MLE Block Concert, Amsterdam Blue Note - Ensemble pieces from Cornelius Cardew and Dan Trueman


Kaivos Festival, Outokumpu (Finland) - Solo, premieres of new pieces from Lauri Supponen, Matilda Seppälä and Niilo Tarnanen


Artistic residency with Igor C Silva, Festival Dias de Musica Electroacustica, Lisbon/Seia (Portugal)


Lisboa Incomum, Festival Dias de Musica Electroacustica, Lisbon (Portugal) - Solo


MLE Block Concert, ZID Theater, Amsterdam - Solo improvisation


Maija Anttila has a long experience as a music teacher both in music schools and privately. Maija has also done pedagogy studies in Amsterdam Conservatory.

At the moment Maija is teaching clarinet, bass clarinet, studio- and performance technology and Max/MSP/Jitter programming through her own company name. The lessons take place either at Maija's home in Amsterdam or online. Those interested in booking a lesson are asked to contact Maija directly


Maija Anttila

+316 15 60 27 23 (NL)

+358 40 572 5843 (FIN)

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